Religion is divided into two major religious beliefs

The Old Ways (Old Gods)
The Path of the Nine (New God)

The Old Ways is Polytheistic and believes in Multiple Gods. These Gods represents the 5 Pillars of Order. Good, Evil, Lawful, Chaotic, and Neutral. These Gods have names. They all came from a singular Source name Omina. Due to they millennium of growing the elements of earth, wind, fire and water fused with the negative energy being infused with the conflicts. They then rose in conflict to the gods. These corrupted entities rose and became known the Elemental Evils. The five realizing their fighting and bickering caused this monstrosities. Decided to relinquish their personal identities and become Omina the Great Dragon again. This final conflict ended with Elemental Evils defeated and sealed away. Omina was gravely hurt, not wishing to make the mistakes it made before. The dragon breathed it’s divine magic onto the world before returning to the sky. That breath created nine human’s, the first of their kind, that would change the world.

Stories of the Nine humans formed what basis of the biggest religious following. These nine were not gods, but people who had fragments of divinity in them. Each of these nine are based of the Alignment system. The Nine have two portfolios that they are associated with them. While religiously speaking it is considered a monotheistic religion Clerics that follow the way typically pick one “path” and live up to those Ideals. While followers of the Nine respect the “Old Ways”, they do try an convert those to the Path of the Nine. Any race is allowed to become a member, even stereotypical evil creatures are asked to convert.. Churches of the Nine have small areas of prayer to the Good and Neutral paths. While the Evil ones are represented only by imagery. There are areas/people who have set up places of worship to the Evil Aspects, but this is something that is not done openly (though some nobles may think it fun/fashionable to have secret society based on the evil three).

There are other very small religions and cults, but these are not considered mainstream.

The Old Ways
Omina- God of All, typically worshiped by dragonborn and dragons. Portrayed as a dragon.
Bonum- God of Good, typically worshiped by halflings and beings of good. Portrayed as a male halfling.
Malum- God of Evil, typically worshipped by orcs and sentient evil creatures. Portrayed as a male orc missing an eye.
Cras- Goddess of Neutrality, typically worshipped by Elves and beings of nature. Portrayed as a female elf.
Licuit- God of Law, typically worshipped by Dwarves and lawful creatures. Portrayed as a male dwarf.
Chous- Goddess of Chaos, typically worshipped by gnomes and other chaotic beings. Portrayed as a female gnome
The Elemental Evils- worshipped by the most evil of creatures and those corrupted by primal forces.

The Path of the Nine
The Judge- Lawful Good, Portfolio: Knowledge and Light
The Mother- Neutral Good, Portfolio: Life and Nature
The Warrior- Chaotic Good, Portfolio: Light and War
The Stranger- Lawful Neutral, Portfolio: Death and Life
The Merchant- True Neutral, Portfolio: Knowledge and Trickery
The Elder- Chaotic Neutral, Portfolio: Arcanum and Tempest
The Tyrant- Lawful Evil, Portfolio: Tempest and War
The Killer- Neutral Evil, Portfolio: Death and Trickery
The Monster- Chaotic Evil, Portfolio: Arcanum and Nature


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