Slang of the Land

Over a Barrel

When a substantial amount of money or debt is owed.
“Don’t worry about the guards, I have them over a Barrel.”
“The guild has me over a Barrel!”

Pin to death

When many small transactions add up to something more substantial.
“The local taxes are Pinning the villagers to death”
“My wife’s shopping trips is starting to pin me to death.”

The Nine

Referencing the Path of the Nine. This is can be used in many phrases and can have a religious or crude context.
“By the Nine”
“The Nine curse you”
“Praise the Nine”


Someone who is froogle with money.
“The Kingpin ignored the beggars again”
“Don’t be such a Kingpin!”

The Whole Hog

Someone being greedy/wants money. Typically in reference to a platinum hogshead.
“I want the whole hog!”

Slang of the Land

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