World Calendar

Calendar based on : Solar Cycle

Length of Year: 216 days in a year

Length of Week: 6 Days

  1. Fodsel
  2. Barn
  3. Oppvekst
  4. Voksen
  5. Eldre
  6. Dod

Length of Day: 24-32 hours

Name of Years: Years are counted and documented. Typically though years are named after predominant events. Such as Year of the Great Harvest, 3rd year of the long winter. While it is typically decided by a counsel of Wizards and Seers, Common-Folks typically give nicknames to the years as they come to an end and are remembered.

Name of Months

  1. Fryse
  2. Var
  3. Dyrke
  4. Brenne
  5. Host
  6. Innhosting

Length of a Month: Months lengths vary. While they are considered Months, they are more reflective of the changing seasons. Depending on how long the season is sustained is the length of the month. While uncommon it is known that one month can last the majority of the year.

World Calendar

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